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We're Here For Your Health

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We're Here For Your Health

Improved Health Care For All Sizes

Large Enterprises

5,000+ Employees

EQ Care works with global, distributed companies to enhance employee access to healthcare.

Medium Businesses

1,000 - 4,999 Employees

Your employees are powering your growth and every edge counts. EQ Care enables employees to be healthy and productive by flexibly meeting their health care needs.

Small Businesses

Up to 999 Employees

Small businesses can find it difficult to compete on employee benefits and flexibility. EQ Care helps bridge that gap with tailored programs.

#201-4060 rue Ste-Catherine O.
Montreal, QC
H3Z 2Z3

Tel: 514.935.2600
Fax: 514.935.0230

#608-207 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 1H7

Tel: 888.547.5575
Fax: 604.227.6238

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The new way of caring for employee health.

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